Ad Creative Policy

Last updated : 06/27/2023
  1. No advertising materials or landing pages should include any content violating the current Ad Creative Policy.
  2. Images and text materials used in ad campaigns should be relevant to the promoted content. In case of inconsistency between the creative and the offer, the content will be declined. Landing pages must not be of poor quality (contain typos, misleading images, or empty pages).
  3. Images and text materials used for the campaign should not include any religious, hateful, or any type of propaganda content.
  4. Use of the following elements of content IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED:
    • Images and text materials for the ad campaigns that include any type of shock, nasty and abusive, frightening, or grotesque content (images of injuries, blood, gore, violence to humans and/or animals, dead bodies, disease consequences, etc.)
    • Promoting any materials related to illegal activity (i.e., the sale of organs, slave trading, cloning, terrorism, guides on building a bomb, hacking, “phreaking,” etc.); and violent and brutal videos and images. 
    • Any pornographic materials containing images focusing on human intimate zones or genitals, excluding erotic or nude art materials.
    • Materials concerning escort services and prostitution.
    • Promotion of any materials that contain child erotic or pornography or sexual exploitation of underaged persons; child porn or sexualization of children
    • Promotion of any materials that contain pornography with human and non-human animals; zoo porn.
    • Any materials promoting or justifying extremist, terrorist, fascist or nazist ideas, movements, and/or organizations.
    • Any materials promoting, justifying, or supporting war and/or armed invasion by the Russian Federation and Belarus into Ukraine, including the display of war/invasion symbols.
    • Any materials containing violence, amusement, discrimination, or propaganda of such actions towards a person or group of people.
    • Any materials containing violence, amusement, discrimination, or propaganda of such actions towards animals.
    • Any materials promoting hostility, hatred, and discriminatory or negligent treatment of an individual or group of individuals based on race, ethnicity, creed, religion and faith, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, or medical conditions
    • Any materials promoting the use or/and propaganda and/or vailed trade and/or trafficking of drugs and any types of forbidden substances (narcotic, toxic, psychotropic, etc.).
    • Materials associated with advertising or selling ammunition and/or weapons, i.e., guns, combat knives, firearms and their components, explosive mechanisms and/or explosive materials and their components, and military equipment.
    • Insults or abusive obscene or vulgar language and abusive content or content that endorses or threatens physical harm are used in the text materials or campaign description.
    • Placement of contact information and e-mail with obscene words or insults of any type.
  5. The content shall comply with all applicable trade, economic, and financial laws and regulations, including those administered and enforced by Switzerland, the United States, the European Union, and relevant Member States, the United Nations Security Council, and any other government bodies with jurisdiction relevant to this Agreement.
  6. Accounts violating rules set in clauses 4 and 5 hereof will be immediately and instantly blocked with no further remedy.
  7. Placement of brand logos/brand references (including well-known messengers, applications, postal services, newspapers or their web-based editions, governments of countries, and public authorities) is not allowed.
  8. It is forbidden to advertise proposals such as question surveys that are knowingly fake and do not correspond to reality (i.e., questionnaires and/or landings that offer a prize or an amount of money to fill in personal information or answer a quiz and require a cash contribution).
  9. Tech support campaigns that portray themselves as official tech support services through false claims are not allowed.
  10. Insults and profanity in relation to technical support can lead to an account ban, including all the funds that were on the account balance at the time of account lockout.
  11. It is not allowed placement of any of the following:
    • Adware, malware, viruses, phishing offers, social engineering, or any other kind of unsafe Google safe browsing campaigns as published by Google Inc.
    • “Scareware” – scaring the user by misleading them to believe they have a virus or malware or a threat of being infected with such if they don’t install advertised software, plugin, update, extension, etc.
    • Landing pages for collecting push notifications by subscribers.
    • Links to the landing pages that are calling to download and install non-licensed or suspicious software may endanger information or cause harm to the user’s computer. Auto download of APC’s, .exe, and .dmg. Any landing page that creates a direct download upon opening the landing page will be declined. 
  12. It is forbidden to change the site content (cloaking) after your advertising campaign has been approved.
  13. The User will receive a warning if any of the provisions mentioned in clause 10 above are violated. In case of no response to warnings, ignorance, or repeated violation, the account will be instantly blocked by all possible means with no further remedy.
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