Cancellation & Refunds Policy 

Last updated : 06/27/2023

Cancellation & Refunds Policy

In order to get access and benefit from our Services provided via (the “Platform”) you may be required to pay a deposit in advance for amounts payable by you to the operator of the Platform, Adtelligent Inc. (also “Adtelligent”) under the Agreement between you and Adtelligent.

If you pay a deposit, it will be offset against future invoices payable by you to meet your payment obligations under the Agreement you have with us, the balance will be refunded to you (without any interest) at the end of the Agreement if nothing therein is stated otherwise. If you do not cover the due payments to Adtelligent. in full in accordance with the Agreement, your deposit will be set off against your payment obligations to Adtelligent Inc. 

In case you appear to claim a provided Services quality or quantity discrepancy you must submit a formal request to Adtelligent for a refund of the disputed part of the amount and attach substantial evidence of discrepancies in the Adtelligent reporting within 7 (seven) days after the end of the disputed period. Adtelligent shall consider such a request within 30 (thirty) days. Upon any revision of the disputed amounts, Adtelligent may accomplish a refund to you for reconsidered amounts within 30 (thirty) days. All bank fees and commissions due in such cases are payable in full by you.

Ordering our Services and managing your ad campaigns is an issue of your own choice and responsibility. In case you wish to cancel the ad campaign you had already ordered and paid for in full, the funds paid for such a campaign are not subject to any cancellations and/or refunds with no regard to the circumstances of such cancellation.

In case your account with us was permanently suspended or blocked due to a severe breach or continuous violation of our General Terms of Service or any part thereof you are not entitled to any refunds of payments made.

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